cyanotype print

cyanotype print


I live in north Fife, near vibrant and creative Dundee.

Background in medical and forensic photography.  Photographic interest in nature, either dead or alive, and people. Detail, texture and fragility interest me. I am currently making cyanotype prints, both from objects and digital negatives. I've also recently been experimenting with photo etching and learning about the wonderful Wet Plate Collodion process. I have made the move from analogue to digital but am old-fashioned at heart and love to make a print in the darkroom, or in the sun.


Photographs in Woodlanders; Life in Britain's Forests, published by Saraband.

Workshops in the cyanotype process (also called sunprinting) with adults and young artists (see News & Events page for info). Pinhole camera workshops coming soon!

Recently been working at Bell Pettigrew Museum in St Andrews, with Postgraduate students on the Museum and Galleries Studies course. The exhibition (Skyward; a Study in Flight) that resulted from this collaboration ran from 11th March-16th May 2016.

Member of the Dundee Print Studio, the Scottish Society for the History of Photography and Shutterhub