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Workshop - Cyanotype & Bookbinding

Date: 12 May 2019
10:30 AM  4:30 PM
Granton:hub, Madelvic House (map)

In this collaborative workshop, Artist Kit Martin and Bookbinder Cass Barron, will introduce the cyanotype process and guide you in creating a range of prints onto paper and fabric, before binding a selection into a number of unique and usable books.

Cyanotype is a cameraless photographic technique that produces a vibrant blue and white image when exposed to uv light. Kit will share her extensive knowledge of cyanotype from the basics of mixing the chemicals and coating the solution, to preparing fabric and paper for printing. There will be examples to give an idea of how things turn out and plenty of materials for you to use to create your prints.

There will also be the opportunity to forage botanical specimins from the wild garden at Granton:hub to use in your prints. It is worth noting that the time it takes to develop the cyanotypes will depend on the strength of the sun, but we will have a UV light box to hand just in case!

Cass will then take you through the process of transforming some of your paper prints into an artistic accordion fold matchbox book. You will also create a hand-bound hardback sketchbook, using your cyanotype fabric to cover the book boards, before adding a leather spine and decorative stitch.

You will leave this workshop with a working understanding of the cyanotype process, two finished books and a selection of prints that can be used on other projects.

All materials will be provided, but you might want to bring some items to make prints with e.g. plants, feathers, lace (flat things that can be squashed under glass). If you would like to bring a negative to use, please contact Kit
beforehand for advice about printing and size ( An apron is also recommended, to avoid blue stains from the chemicals.

by Bookbinding with Cass / Kit Martin


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